EverSource is looking to take controlled or co-controlled private equity approach with a primary focus on decarbonisation of energy and its uses across the following target sectors:

Renewable Energy and Related Services

EverSource Capital has invested in platforms to harness solar and wind energy with utility, C&I, residential greenfield development and operational assets. Additionally, we also explore the opportunity to invest in generation of power using other sources such as hydro, CHP, storage and hybrid renewable generation.

Energy Efficiency

Energy saved is energy generated, therefore energy efficiency is a core part of EverSource Capital’s investment approach. EverSource Capital is evaluating partnership with India’s leading ESCO for providing energy efficiency solutions to C&I customers through implementation of energy efficiency projects: replacement of equipment like motors, VFDs, compressors etc with higher efficiency equipment, industry specific solutions like waste heat recovery systems, industrial and street lighting projects, building efficiency projects in hotels, hospitals etc and ‘Smart Grid Enablers’ that engage in metering, forecasting, scheduling, distribution automation, sensors and control of the grid.


EverSource Capital is focussed on building a platform to provide Mobility as a Service (MaaS), initially using electric buses and deliver the core value proposition of cheaper non-polluting on demand shared transportation, charging infrastructure and enabling products for e-mobility value chain such as EV powertrain components.

Resources and Environment

EverSource Capital shall invest in building profitable and sustainable platforms for resource efficiency spanning across waste & water management technologies such as water treatment, recycling, waste management, waste to energy organic waste conversion, emission control and bio-methanation.